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Friday, 21 September 2018

Leopard print, corduroy and rust tones for autumn... groundbreaking

Happy Friday my lovely people - I hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend! It's indeed a very happy Friday for me because I have returned to the blogging world, I know I know, I have been extremely inconsistent over the past year but I promise that I'm going to be sooo on it in the coming months, you won't know what's hit you so you best be getting excited!

Anyway, moving onto the content of my first blogpost in what feels like a million years...

Now do you recognise my blog title from somewhere? If you hadn't and you're of the 18-30 demographic, all I can say is - have you been living under a rock your whole life (insert eye-rolling emoji here)?! Of courseeee it's from the cult-classic chick-flick The Devil Wear's Prada, and well in my case... the devil wears corduroy, leopard and patent, which are all obvs extremely groundbreaking for Autumn (or fall as our friends across the pond prefer to say). Soz not soz Amanda Priestly (and if you don't know who she is then I honestly give up on y'all).

If you are or aren't familiar with The Devil Wear's Prada then it doesn't even matter because that's not actually what I'm here to talk about (I'm a bit waffler as you may have guessed or will definitely learn). What I am here is talk about, and I could until the cows come home, is this super on-trend New Look cord blazer and culotte cropped trouser co-ord, which I simply couldn't resist buying. I mean seriously, how perfect is a cord co-ord for these transitional months?! Particularly where the temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter and our layers will need to be thicker! Unfortunately for you guys, my lovely readers, the rust colour has been an absolute sell out and you can only purchase sizes 14 and 16 of the blazer on the New Look website, where the trouser has sadly sold out in all sizes :(. Although feel free to give your local store a quick bell to see if they stock your size and you can do this by using the store locator function on the New Look website to retrieve their telephone number.

Fret not kiddos if you are so desperately lusting over a cord co-ord, like I was so I feel your pain because I was trying to find the perfect one for about a month, because there is an equally gorg pastel-blue colour also available and luckily it isn't quite so in demand as the rust colour. Very fortunately, there is all sizes (6-18) of the blazer in blue on the New Look website and the trousers have been conveniently reduced to just £12 with all sizes also still available (and I don't know about you but I can't say no to a bargain so I'll definitely be snapping up a pair!). But the choice on this ultra-stylish corduroy co-ord doesn't end there, there is also a super-autumnal deep burgundy colour where all sizes are available to buy for the trouser on the New Look site, unfortunately, and I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, the blazer in burgundy is unfortunately sold out. But I personally think the burgundy trouser and blue blazer would contrast each other perfectly and put a unique spin on the co-ord, because who wants to be boring and follow the crowd anyway?! Why follow trends when you can set em... am I RIGHT?!

Not forgetting that ASOS is, as always, another option where there is only sizes 14-18 of the rust blazer but there is sizes 8-16 of the trouser! In addition, there's all sizes (4-18) of the previously mentioned blue colour of the blazer and trouser on the ASOS website, so perfect for you size 4 gals out there as New Look only offers the cord co-ord from size 6 and upwards. Unfortunately, the burgundy colour isn't available on the ASOS website.

Due to the rust colour being a huge sell-out, I would definitely recommend shopping from a third-party site like ASOS (especially if you've already paid for that absolute god-send free next day Premier delivery). Also, don't forget that you can always mix-and-match the colours if they don't have your size in the blazer and trouser. Colour and print clashing is so in for A/W18 so you'll be perfectly on trend without necessarily even knowing it (until now of course so you've got moi to thank hehe)!

However, of course, I'm not done here, and I'm certainly not just here to talk about this New Look cord co-ord, as gorg as it is, but also this uber-cool take on classic Cat Slater leopard, which is a trend that doesn't seem to be letting up for A/W18, in the form of this turtle-neck zip-up lightweight jersey long-sleeved top from Daisy Street. Now I discovered Daisy Street on ASOS around Christmas time when I purchased that rainbow stripe lightweight knitted jumper (which can be seen on my Instagram if you happen to be interested, you're probs not lol), and I absolutely fell in love with the brand from the get-go. Mainly because of how on-trend, reasonably priced and amazing quality the product is! If you didn't know already, I've worked in buying for the past 2 years so those are absolutely the top 3 criteria I look for when purchasing, especially from new brands I've never purchased from before. 

The jersey top featured above was amazingly only £17.99 and washes sooo well (yes I'm a bit of a grandma when it comes to fabric/fibre quality post-washing, don't judge me plz and thanku). I already can't wait to also get my mitts on the leopard print flares, from Daisy Street obvs, and because they're only £19.99 I won't feel bad about it - so it's a win win! Although, saying that, if I actually listened to my head instead of my heart when buying clothes, I probs would actually have savings behind me, but oh well, life is for living and there's plenty of time to save! I usually shop Daisy Street through ASOS (because of the next day delivery option obvs) but I've actually just discovered that the lovelies at Daisy Street on their official site offer 10% when you sign up to their newsletter, so what are you waiting for?! 

Go and get shopping for the weekend!!


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