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Saturday, 24 March 2018

LV Fashion Travels | Lisbon

Touch down in Lisbon and I could already see how beautiful and colourful the city was from the view!
Safely arrived at the lush Hotel Acores Lisboa
Treated to a complimentary gin cocktail upon arrival in honour of International Women's Day (I personally think we should be treated to free cocktails every day just for being the incredible women we are)
Lisbon looking beautiful on our 1st night
Sampling some delicious homemade stone-baked pizzas (not very Portuguese I know but you can't beat Italian food)
1st full day in Lisbon where we visited the picturesque Casa do Alentejo, if this doesn't give you Moroccan vibes without being in Morocco then I don't know what will! Definitely one to tick off the bucket list when you visit Lisbon.
The most beautiful setting
Feeling like the senorita emoji in this TOPSHOP skirt
Lisbon looking beautiful even in the rain
Feet getting slightly drenched in the rain #fashionprobz
Not the best weather for our 1st full day but we definitely made the most of it and took shelter in one of Lisbon's cute miniature trams, which they're known for in being such a hilly city, meaning they have some great views up those steep hills so take advantage of the tram instead of trekking up there by foot!
The magnificent Museu Arqueologico do carmo, which only costs €4 for an adult ticket- giving you access to the amazing architecture outside and also view the historical artefacts inside!
Praça do Comércio square in the sunshine on our 2nd full day, we caught the tram from here to the picturesque town of Belem
Wearing this beautiful blouse from Delilah Jade Clothing
Jeans: TOPSHOP | Trainers: ADIDAS

The prettiest McDonald's I ever did see (in Belem)
The stunning Jerónimos Monastery in Belem, we didn't actually pay to go inside because the outside was beautiful enough 
More Italian carbs on the 2nd night for dinner, Marta and I twinning with carbonara
The beautiful town surrounding São Jorge Castle
This town was a blogger's paradise for colourful Insta pics
Top: ZARA | Trousers: TOPSHOP | Trainers: ADIDAS | Sunglasses: MANGO

With Lisbon being such a hilly city, the views when you get to the top of the hills are a delight for the eyes, especially in the Portuguese sunshine!
The beautiful restaurant we had our final lunch at in the airport before departing Lisbon for London
First of all, if you haven't been to Lisbon before then I couldn't recommend it enough and strongly believe it is underrated against other, more expensive, European cities. Remember to never underestimate the underdog as they can sometimes be the candidate with the most on offer (and often at the cheapest price as Lisbon demonstrates).

Whilst you're out there, because let's face it you're probably going to go at some point after reading this blog post (not to toot my own horn but *toot toot*), you have to taste the delicacy that Lisbon is renowned for: the custard tart or "Pastel de Nata", which you can sample the best of at Pasteis de Belém. Even though, and yes I'm going to admit it, Marta and I didn't actually step foot in Pasteis de Belém as our hotel did pretty amazing Natas (Hotel Acores Lisboa if you're looking for a great place to stay in Lisbon with the most incredible hotel breakfast, impeccable service from their friendly staff and sophisticated hotel decor). 

Don't do what we did and let the queues scare you away from Pasteis de Belém as I've heard it's well worth the wait and you can even get take-out to speed up the process! Oh and not to mention bring some back for your family and friends to sample the deliciousness for themselves (so probably best to go to Belem on your last day in which case). Speaking of Belem, this was one of the most beautiful towns I've ever been to so it's definitely worth taking the tram-ride there, where you can also witness the sites along the way, as opposed to being stuck underground on the Metro train!

Lisbon also offers great architectural sites which are well worth a visit, especially if you're anything like me and a massive history geek. Some of these sites include, but are not limited to, Carmo Archaeological Museum, Rua Augusta Arch (which you can visit and also snap a pic of yourself outside on your way to Belem as you can catch the tram from here) and of course the magnificent Jerónimos Monastery (also in Belem). Entrance fees are really affordable but if you're on a budget then you can always marvel in the architecture from the outside as these sites are truly a delight for the eye.

I discovered Casa do Alentejo on Instagram which is also well worth a visit whilst you're in Lisbon, and whilst it isn't a tourist attraction, it should definitely be regarded as an Instagram attraction as it is so picturesque and Instagrammable (probably the reason why I discovered it on Instagram). Check out my Instagram to marvel at the incredible Moroccan-inspired architecture and colour. I've never been to Morocco but Casa do Alentejo definitely gave me a taster and has really inspired me to go.

The one thing that's stood out to me about Lisbon and what I have been telling everyone who's asked me about my trip is how amazingly colourful the city is, which was a welcomed change to London. The colourfulness of the city can be especially witnessed from the incredible views at the top of the steep hills. Definitely get a tram to the top points of the city to witness these views because there really isn't anything like it.

Ultimately, I really hope that this post has inspired you to go to Lisbon, and I feel particularly passionate about this because before I went, a lot of people were like "Oh, why Lisbon?" or "What a random place to go!". Well fools you ladies and gents because the above puts an answer to "why Lisbon?" and I hope also puts it on the map of great European cities to visit, which is where it sure does deserve to be!

Photography: Marta Moczydlowksa

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