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Sunday, 25 February 2018

LFW AW18 | Style & Shows

Blazer, trousers, bag, shoes - ALL TOPSHOP
Sunglasses - MANGO
With my LFW bestie for the past two years - Becky Jane Ryan
Blazertrousers, jacketbagshoes - ALL TOPSHOP
Sunglasses - MANGO
Earrings: ZARA

Meeting my idol In The Frow

With super-stylish blogger duo Olivia & Alice

Getting papped with my LFW bestie

Hanging out at the Embargo app launch with isawitfirst

Featured on Elle Poland - you can imagine my overly-excited reaction when I came across this!

Also featured on - your girl's going places!
1st show of the season on day 1 of LFW: Bora Aksu, which happens to be one of my favourite shows of the season and LFW

Beautiful monochromatic lace at Bora Aksu

More feminine fabrics and silhouettes at Bora Aksu, offset with some chinky black knee-high boots

Stunningly feminine prints at Bora Aksu

The craziness of Pam Hogg at Freemason's Hall Fashion Scout, which never fails to disappoint!

Perspex overload at Pam Hogg

Teddy bear galore and an emphasis on novelty colours at Amy Thomson

Beautiful florals at Claire Tagg

Day 2 of LFW saw more neutral tones from my choice of outfit
Jumper, Trousers, Jacket, Hat: TOPSHOP
Boots: ZARA
Sunglasses: ASOS

The sun came out in full force on LFW day 2

Standard basic picture posing outside the BFC Showspace

Taking some well-deserved time out to enjoy a gin cocktail (of course it's gin) at Aqua Nueva

The stunning hallways at Aqua Nueva

The beautiful interior of Aqua Nueva was a welcomed break from the craziness of The Strand

It just gets better with the views at Aqua Nueva (although the cocktails will set you back an eye-watering £15 so be prepared to shed out a fair bit of dollar)

I was so gutted to have missed the London Fashion Week SS18 shows that I simply couldn't face not attending LFW this February to watch and wonder at the AW18 collections, and boy it did not disappoint (as expected).

I was unfortunately only able to attend 2 of the 5 days (better than nothing though, right?!) and day 1 kicked off with Bora Aksu, which is always one of my favourite shows. If you've followed my blog and Instagram for a while then you'll know that my style, on the whole, tends to be quite feminine and I'm not really one for edgy or urban dressing. I mean don't get me wrong, I wish I was but it's just not me and feminine/glam dressing is far more up my alley! So Bora Aksu is always perfect for giving me inspiration on making my wardrobe even more feminine than it already is, from the beautiful floral prints in pastel pink and blue hues, to baroque-inspired lace fabrics that are oh-so Parisian, and not forgetting the floaty silhouettes that are sure to make anyone feel like a princess!

As a girly girl, florals are totally my thing so I was also heavily inspired by the Claire Tagg presentation, which had slightly bolder colours and more exaggerated florals than Bora Aksu, but it is always good to see something different and open your eyes to diversity and variety at Fashion Week! Amy Thomson's presentation was also super fun and a treat for the eye with the novelty teddy-bears and pink foiled fabrics.

In significant contrast to the feminine colours and silhouettes that I observed at the aforementioned shows and presentations; Pam Hogg was just as crazy, weird, wild and wacky as I anticipated! I've been going to Pam Hogg's shows season upon season, and she really never fails to disappoint! Who else could pull off all over perspex in their collection?! I also love the fact Pam Hogg uses female and male models for her womenswear collection, and she was in fact one of the first to do this. Since then, high-profile shows across London, New York, Paris and Milan have followed suit, including Burberry most recently at their LGBT tribute show. I'm also loving how shows are becoming increasingly inspired by politics and actually have meaning.

Day 2 was slightly more low-key, where Becky and I didn't have as many shows or presentations to see, so we decided to make the most of the crisp Winter sunshine and head up to Aqua Nueva's rooftop bar to have some time out from the craziness of The Strand and have a cocktail. We might as well have taken out a mortgage for these drinks because it was beyond overpriced, but you pay for the view I suppose!

I hope everyone who attended LFW this season had as good of a time as I did, and the same for New York, Paris and Milan. And for those that weren't able to attend LFW, were able to attend London Fashion Week Festival instead!

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