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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Retro Shades, Shaggy Fur and that Red/Pink Colour Combo | ft. Topshop

ALL TOPSHOP: jumper, jeans, jacket, boots, hat, sunglasses
So I don't know about you but I am totally confused about the weather at the moment, one minute it's sunny and mild at like 10 degrees (warm for this time of year) and the next it's 1 degree and snowing, which in fact it was snowing this morning in Surrey (where I live). I know what you're thinking, typical Brit using the weather as a topic to begin a conversation, but here I am I guess!

In the spirit of the weather chat, how on earth do you dress when you have no idea what temperature it's going to be? The answer is always layering, a tool of dressing that comes in very handy when deciding what to wear at work as the Topshop head-office is either arctic conditions or as if we've been teleported to the Sahara, not even exaggerating! Nonetheless, I do love a thick jumper and this Topshop striped number, which is conveniently the colour-combo of the season (pink and red) is perfect for snuggling up at home on a Sunday's afternoon or even heading down to your local pub for Sunday lunch! 

Now I've probably got coats in every faux-fur texture, from teddy-borg to the traditional super-soft faux fur, but I just couldn't resist this curly haired zip jacket from Topshop, and yes it has an uncanny resemblance to a poodle's fur but everyone loves dogs so it's a win win! 

The perfect coloured accessories to accompany this pink and red jumper had to be a tan fake-suede baker boy and brown tortoise shell retro pointed sunnies, both Topshop, of which were inspired by one of my fave bloggers Lissy Roddy and I legit had an inner fan-girl moment when I tagged her in the caption of one of my Instagram selfie posts and she commented saying how much she loved the Mango sunnies featured and THEN went to buy some herself! I mean if your fave influencer buying the exact pair of sunnies you own having seen you wear them isn't a blogger claim to fame then I don't know what is, so thanks Lissy!!

I've also styled the outfit with my go-to Topshop straight jeans and a pair of Topshop sock boots, such an original style combo I know haha!

So yeah, I hope everyone's January isn't as dull and drab as they thought it might be, and hey guys - at least we're passed the half way point!! But with a big HOWEVER, I'm beyond excited for January to be over and for a fab February to commence, which will consist of London Fashion Week, the release of the last Fifty Shades movie (*cry* as that means it'll be over soon), and also my best friend's birthday! So here's to getting through 10 more days of January folks!

Photography: Becky Jane Ryan

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