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Sunday, 24 December 2017


Top : MONKI | Jeans and Belt: TOPSHOP | Trainers: VANS
So in the spirit of my last blog post before Christmas, and perhaps of 2017 (if I don't manage to fit another one *cue DJ Khaled* in between Christmas and the New Year), I decided to style this super cute (and Christmas-friendly) sparkly pink top from Monki, which has coincidentally become my favourite brand as of late. Particularly due to the wacky interior in their Carnaby Street store (seriously go check it out on my Instagram- the pink and green colour combo is TO DIE FOR) and also the absolute bargains you can find that you wouldn't be able to find at any other high-street store. 

This pink glittery top, just £15 from Monki, is so 5 years ago but that's why I love it, 'cause fashion is indeed a cycle, let's face it. Perhaps that's why my cousin said I was dressed like a Tammy Girl when she saw me adorning the outfit as above, oh and just to clarify - I was wearing Tammy Girl more than 5 years ago, but you catch my drift. Also to note, I know December shopping should be centred around buying for others but how could I say no to this £15 bargain?!

But anyway, if you happen to be in London over the festive season, or any season for that matter, please do give the Monki Carnaby Street store a visit, and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. In fact, January will be perf timing as with full price bargains at your fingertips right now, their sale come Jan is sure to be killer good. 

Oh and to be extra, 'cause tis the season to be as extra as you possibly can be (if you can't be extra at Christmas, when can you be?!), I have styled my pink glittery top with a pink furry belt, which I picked up in the Topshop sale for just £10 (also a bargain- go check it out in the link above before it sells out). Also, you may have noticed that I'm often one to experiment with jean fits and my latest favourite is Topshop Dree, so move aside my Jamie and Joni days circa 2010 (yep you will notice that there's a lot of references to my basic bitch younger days in this blog post). The Dree fit is just so perfectly boyish and provide ultimate comfort that you don't get with other jean fits, yes straights/mom fits also avoid leg circulation issues, but Dree jeans have that extra (no pun intended) bagginess in the legs. But be warned, the only down side is that you do get a slight draft on a windy day.

My new favourite coat, yep the collection is getting out of control, also features in this blog post, because I don't have enough different textures going on in this outfit already (lol). The vinyl and shaggy fur combination just gives me absolute liiiiife, and vinyl is perfect for a clumsy eater like myself because it's wipe proof - oh what a dream!! To out-extra the extra, I've styled the already extra look with some pink dangly gem earrings, because pink is quickly becoming my fave colour for the second time since I was 9 years old (there I am getting nostalgic again). Oh and I also wore sunglasses inside Five Guys because the outfit ensemble wasn't extra enough. 

Anyway, I feel like I'm definitely rambling so I'll stop here. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas tomorrow and the coming days with your friends and family. Remember to share the love, and most important of all - the booze!! Oh and a very happy and prosperous New Year to you all if I don't do another blog post before the 1st!

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