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Sunday, 26 November 2017


Jumper: ASOS | Leggings: ZARA | Boots: RESERVED | Coat and Bag: TOPSHOP

So in spirit of this colder weather, I've decided to embrace as many textures as possible (because why not?), and not forgetting my Autumn/Winter mantra... the cosier- the better. I just can't get enough of Topshop's faux fur coat collection and even though the cotton-candy collarless faux fur coat featured above isn't online, I have linked a collared one that is very similar, also from Topshop. Plus the collar will keep you extra warm in this frosty weather!

Not only am I loving faux fur this season but also velvet and these Reserved pointed boots are perfect to dress up any outfit. Even though I couldn't link the boots, I brought them from the Oxford Street store so pick them up for £34.99 before they sell out! But be warned, even though they have a block heel, they aren't the most practical, potentially due to the pointed toe. Disclaimer: they're definitely more of a sit-down dinner shoe than a day-time shoe.

As well as mixing up textures this season, I'm also enjoying mixing up colours and pink/red is my latest fave colour combo, especially as its so unconventional. These colours can pop even more when you vary the textures so above I've opted for a chunky knitted red jumper from ASOS and a faux fur pastel pink coat from Topshop.

I'm also trying this new thing where I don't wear jeans every single day of my life, and even though it's proving to be quite the challenge, I've recently discovered that faux-leather leggings are the perfect alternative for this time of year. Yep you defo don't need real leather OR real fur when the high-street do the fake versions so well #fakeittomakeit. I love a day-to-night wardrobe staple and faux-leather leggings fit the bill perfectly and definitely fulfil that purpose in my wardrobe.

In terms of accessories, a chainmail shoulder bag is also the perfect day-to-night bag, yep day-to-night outfits are also becoming my favourite thing because then you don't need to stop by home to get changed, and ultimately have more time for cocktails so it's a win win! As you know I work on the Topshop Bags department so of course am going to be slightly biased, but honestly guys- the Topshop bags at the moment are so glitzy and sparkle-tastic that you definitely need to pick up your Christmas party bag from

As December is fast approaching, I'm sure everyone's beginning to get in the Christmas spirit, and if you are refusing to accept that Christmas is soon to be upon us- please refrain from checking out my Instagram as its legit Christmas overload! Oh and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all you US folk!

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