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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

TCA Showroom Collaboration | Silvian Heach

Jumper: OASIS | Jeans and sunglasses: TOPSHOP | Jacket and bag: SILVIAN HEACH | Choker: H&M
So during London Fashion Week, I headed to Scoop, a showroom exhibiting new brands and came across TCA Showroom as a result and that's where the collaboration started. 

TCA showroom hosts a variety of upcoming brands, from Grace & Mila to Silvian Heach, of which I selected a few samples from, including this pleather jacket and patterned chained bag from Silvian Heach which I am totally in love with, and can't wait to blog alongside other items in my wardrobe.

It's very much early days, with me collecting blogger samples from their showroom in Chelsea only yesterday, but I am beyond excited as this is one of my first collaborations as a blogger so watch this space for my Grace & Mila styling shoot in the coming week!

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