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Monday, 24 August 2015

Oasis PR Internship | Week 2

With my Oasis goods in toe
Feeling summery
Dress and jacket: OASIS
Bag: MARC B  
Vince Street, of course
From where I stand, mixing up the brands
Boots: M&S
Meeting the Big Brother legend, Josie, at Oasis' flagship!
From where I stand, black on black
My lovely thank you gifts from Oasis
Hitting Southbank on last Friday's sunny afternoon after finishing my internship
The picturesque view on Southbank 
Urban vibes
A fro-yo bus, like what could be better than that?!
The V&A £11 shoes I found in the sale, what a bargain!
So grateful for my gifts from the press girls at Oasis!
I can't believe I've done two weeks at Oasis head-office, it went by so fast! It was honestly the most amazing experience with the most amazing people, we had such a laugh and they made me feel so welcome. Since working in the Oasis store, I have developed a strong love and passion for the brand and interning in their head-office environment has only intensified this, to be the point where I could really imagine myself working there post-graduating. The very handy central location meant that myself and a friend of mine, who was interning in design at Warehouse just around the store, could lunch in some very cool and edgy lunch-spots, as well as hitting Southbank for Pimms o'clock on Friday afternoon, well we had to celebrate the end of our internships somehow right?!

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  1. I'm glad you had a great internship. Those shoes are beautiful. Im SO jealous.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne


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